Silat Gayung Umar Umaiyah

For us as-the spiritual doctors and the isolationists of serious problems - the martial art Silat Gayung Umar Umaiyah is an important part. It helps us to keep our mental and physical values.

Silat Gayung Umar UmaiyahWe use the form of a martial art only as a physical exercise to connect the positive energetic and vibration flows in ourselves and in our surroundings. It is important for us to recognize lower or negative frequency if it disrupts us. The focus of this form of martial art is to disable body and mind and to merge in ourselves together wit a positive live frequency and it enables us to have more natural moves. As a result of this the instinct and the purity The exercise also helps us to become more free, move in a greater comfort in different surroundings and also to create more space in each and every interaction or circumstance.

The practice of Silatu Gayung Umar Umaiyah is physically very difficult and that is why not many people practice it.This form of exercise is expressed in the following quotation:

“Don't look for Silat, Silat will find you.”

Silat gayung Umar Umaiyah is difficult and it moves a man onto a higher physical and mental level. But once you get under the wings of Silat Gayung Umar Umariyah, you will never leave.